Service Bureau License


A Service Bureau License permits a third party (printer, designer or service bureau) to access and work with fonts licensed by the original licensee. Therefore, it is valid only for the output of the original licensee’s jobs. The license is perpetual and paid with a one-off payment.

Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully and we recommend that you keep a copy for further reference.

This sub-license is an addition to clause 2 - Grant of License - in an existing Standard Desktop License (the “Agreement”) identified in the Purchase Receipt from Typolar. It is only valid in conjunction with the original Agreement.

    1. Service Bureau License
      Licensee is allowed to provide Typefaces for a single third party entity (the “Service Licensee”) for a fixed number of computers at a single location, as indicated at the Purchase Receipt from Typolar. Service Licensee, typically a printer, designer or a service provider, may use Typefaces to work on original Licensee’s projects ONLY. By copying, installing or other ways accessing Typefaces Service licensee agrees to the terms and conditions in this sub-license and in the original Agreement.
    2. Restriction of Use
      Service Licensee is not allowed to use Typefaces for any other client’s work or its own work under this license. For such use a full Standard Desktop License must be obtained.
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