Test Use License


This license gives you a possiblitiy to test typefaces on your own computer.


You (the “Licensee”) agree with the terms and conditions in Typolar’s End-User License Agreement (EULA). Test Use License is an additional clause to that EULA.

Test use clause to EULA

Typolar Ltd (the “Typolar”) will grant you only limited rights to test use its Font Software (the “Typefaces”) within a limited time period of 120 days. You agree to use Typefaces only for testing purpose. This means internal demonstations of the use of typefaces and related client reviews. Typefaces are not allowed to any public or private use that has commercial, promotional or other communication purposes even if it’s non-profit.

The typeface data must not be made available to any other person(s) than described in the Licensee information from Typolar. The Typeface data must be deleted from all computers and digital media once this agreement has expired.

NOTE: Test typefaces don’t include complete character sets.

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